A person who has a documented disability, defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act as one that “substantially limits one or more major life activities.” Currently, our service dog program primarily serves veterans who have been honorably discharged or medically retired from the U.S. military, and first-responders who have honorably served our country. K9 Navigators recognizes that families are affected, therefore our program is open to families of those have served.

The applicant must meet basic criteria of K9 Navigator Assistance Dogs in order to be considered for a service dog. You must be willing and able to care for your service dog (food, veterinary care, grooming), maintain its training, and use it for its intended purpose.

Areas We Serve

K9 Navigators provides services all over the United States.  Both the veteran and the dog are closely evaluated to ensure the veteran’s needs can be met and that the highest quality of dog is provided to meet those needs. K9 Navigators is committed to finding the right dog for you! The training process can range from 3 to 10 months and the more involved the physical need of the prospective recipient, the more complex the required training. 

Application Process

Please follow the application directions at the bottom of this page or request an application either by email or telephone.

Return the completed application with the required forms, e.g. medical information from your physician.

For most applicants the interview will be an in-person interview in the applicant's home to aid in the assessment of the applicant's mobility and orientation skills as well as providing insight into the physical environment where they live and work.

Once we receive the application, our selection committee will review it and notify you of the results. This process may take up to 30 days.

Our services include all the equipment needed for a successful partnership as well as follow-up consultations for the life of the dog. 

We are always available should you have any questions or concerns about the dogs behavior.

A contract is signed at the time of placement stating the responsibilities of both parties.

If K9 Navigators is unable to provide a service dog for an applicant, we will provide information and suggestions for other types of mobility aid or specialized program which may better suit their needs.

K9 Navigators will provide 1 year of pet insurance for the veteran

The VA will cover the your dog’s insurance. Click HERE to read more.

Matching Process

Dogs are matched with Veterans based on the dog's skill, strength, temperament and energy level, and the Veteran's need, experience, personality, and lifestyle. Even after matching, the success of the partnership is dependent on many factors, not the least of which is the Veteran's commitment to the training process. 

We try extremely hard and we have had 100% success rate in matching the "right dog"  with the "right person". The matching process begins when the applicant is notified of the application approval. When a match is made, the dog will then be trained to meet the specific needs of its partner.

All dogs are trained in basic commands and task trained at our Georgia location before being matched with their Veteran or First-Responder.  Aftercare will be done with one of our trainers within 8 weeks of dog placement unless otherwise directed by the veteran.

Boot Camp

The training for the Veteran begins with covering basic training principles, vocabulary, dog behavior and body language principles, grooming, play and exercise, nutrition and health care, illness and emergencies, public access, rights and responsibilities of service dog partners under the law, family interactions and more.  The Veteran receives hands-on training sessions to practice basic obedience and specialized service dog skills and behaviors on outings in public and at home.

Training takes place for approximately 5 - 7 days. Training may take place at our kennel in Georgia or at the veterans home, depending on the most convenient location. The Veteran will need to arrange his/her work and home schedules so that this is possible. The family and/or other members of the Veteran’s support system are encouraged to participate in training.

This training period can be exhausting for both Veteran and dog. Because we understand that many Veterans are dealing with fatigue, sleeplessness, and impaired concentration and memory, the time may be extended if needed. 

At the conclusion of training, the Veteran/Dog Team must pass the public access test, including:

  • A practical test of basic obedience and public access behavior conducted in a public location.

  • A specialized skills test which tests the team on the performance of the specific skills the dog has been taught to perform for the Veteran.

Application Directions

Click the Apply Now link below and fill out the application form in it's entirety, hit submit and we will be in touch soon!