Our Dogs

K9 Navigator Assistance Dogs, Inc. acquires dogs from charitable donors, shelters and select breeders.

Every 8 seconds a dog is euthanized in the U.S. and we believe that dog rescue is an important contribution that we can make! A rescued dog can turn a life of darkness into a life well lived for our Nations’ veterans. These dogs are carefully evaluated for appropriate trainability and temperament and closely monitored throughout their service dog training with K9 Navigators. 

Most of our service dogs are Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever, both pure breed and mixed breeds. When possible, we will honor requests made for specific breeds by our recipients and have successfully trained many other breeds including German Shepherds and Collies.

We also recognize that many of our veterans and their families have dogs as family pets. The bond that may already be formed can be very strong and if requested K9 Navigators can evaluate the dog for acceptance in to the service dog program.