Skilled Assistance Dogs

A skilled assistance dog will do the same tasks that service dogs do but without public access.

A skilled assistance dog may be trained to alert for seizure or anxiety attack. Dogs can also be trained to provide balance and stability to prevent falls.  Not all dogs are cut out to be a Service Dog. In fact, relatively few can make it to that level where they can both perform their work and be comfortable in all situations in public.  Some dogs are just not comfortable in the constantly changing public world of a Service Dog, but perform their tasks well. These dogs can make excellent Skilled Assistance Dogs. We will often be able to place a Skilled Assistance Dog with you faster than we can a Service Dog.

For people who are not able to go out of their home often or require assistance from others when they do, this type of placement is an option as the wait period for this type of dog is typically not as long as the wait period for a Service Dog. The dog is not granted public access.