"Dodger is an awesome service dog. K9 Navigators has truly changed my life by training Dodger to be my right hand man. Always ready to serve!"

Zack Lindsey
U.S.M.C. (Ret.), Texas

"The mental and physical demands during my missions abroad left me with PTSD, TBI, back pain, head and nerve pain. After returning home from deployment everyday life became difficult. My heightened anxiety prevented me from leaving the house and because of chronic pain I had balance issues. Today with Ducky by my side, every aspect of my life has improved. Ducky accompanies me everywhere and has allowed me the confidence to get back in public. He lowered my anxiety and increased my mobility. He retrieves dropped items and provides balance and support when I walk. Ducky watches my back in crowed areas and is trained to guide me to the nearest exit. I am remarried and employed as a civilian for the Dept. of Defense. Ducky makes my world a much better place. Thank you for Ducky!"

Jeff Stansfield
LTC Army Rangers, (Ret.), Texas

"Atlas was truly a gift from Heaven who was sent down here to bring me out of the darkness that had become my life. I will be eternally grateful for all that he has done for me and my wife, and for giving me a second lease on life."

Adam Porras

USA (ret.)

"Cassie has changed our lives so much. She is trained to help with mobility, balance and retrieval. She helps me walk up stairs so I don't have to crawl on all fours. She picks things up when I drop them and notices when people come up behind me. When a loud noise startles me she provides sensory input to keep me in the present moment instead of having flashbacks."

Jonathan Porges

US Army Cpt. (Ret.) 

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